Grane Logistics Express

With the creation of GLX, The Grane Companies can now meet all of your logistics and transportation needs.

We are leveraging our core strengths and introducing new technology, expertise and resources to create a truly unique Logistics company that will offer the services you want, with the quality and integrity you expect.

Our goal is to become the “Grane” of the 3PL world, and as we grow – our ability to serve our customers with more and better services will grow as well. We can now offer transportation solutions, whether full TL, pool shipping, multi-modal or partial TL to our customers across North America, whether it’s food products going from the Napa Valley up to Seattle on specialized equipment, or high tech medical equipment moving from an east cost warehouse to the airport for export to Europe.

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Why Choose GLX?


At Grane our values are the basis of everything we do, and are the foundation on which GLX is founded. We bring a new mentality to an old business so our customers can gain the benefits of a flexible 3PL provider without any of the traditional concerns.


Grane’s world class infrastructure, (over 250 trucks, 500 trailers, 600,000 sq.ft. of warehousing stretching from Atlanta to Chicago), gives GLX a truly unique base to work from. By leveraging the strength
of the spot market to move freight at the right cost and coordinating that with the capabilities Grane has always had – we can offer customers the best of both worlds. We can move a load off the dock ASAP, hold it in one of our facilities, then ship it across country on the equipment of one of our partner carriers, seamlessly tracking and managing the process every step of the way.

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Our people have always been a key resource and the secret of our success. Our 87 years in business has taught us the value of the right people, and our current team reflects this. In creating
GLX, we are tapping into all the insight and experience of the Grane team, while strategically bringing in the right new resources to fill any gaps.

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As always, our customers are the first and last thing we think about when contemplating any new venture. Our growth and success for over almost 100 years in business has taught us that
lesson. When we hear our customers asking for more options, more flexibility and greater efficiency – we listen. As we go through the planning process, we consider the impact to our customers, and when we go forward with the plan, we ALWAYS focus on how this may impact the customer in ways we don’t expect. We will not fail and we will not endanger our customers or their business.

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By utilizing state of the art technology, seamlessly integrating with Grane’s existing IT infrastructure, GLX is able to assess the marketplace, optimize the customers shipping needs, create the
best plan to meet the cost and service requirements and then flawlessly execute that plan. Using our tools, we have visibility across the company for all GLX shipments. Further, we can offer the ability track loads, get P.O.D’s, or check status to our customers through a simple on-line interface. These same tools allow our team to stay “connected” to their customers and their shipments wherever or whenever they need to – including through the use of smartphone apps to track, trace and even get P.O.D’s from carriers.

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The final piece of the puzzle is building a base of strong carrier partners that share our values and focus on service under all circumstances. We have a carrier vetting process that ensures our partners are
safe, well insured, in good financial standing and have spotless service records. This data is maintained in real time through the use of industry leading carrier data providers. Our carriers are a direct reflection on us, and we must maintain our hard fought reputation as the finest carrier in our class.

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GLX can effectively and efficiently manage anything from one pallet delivered across town to multiple truckloads moving across North America, and everything in between. We are just as comfortable handling spot
market transportation request as we are managing enterprise logistics solutions for all of a customer’s distribution needs

All services, whether expedited, LTL, or TL can be tracked and reported via web portal, or you can interact directly with our logistics professionals for a more personal touch.

We will provide you an estimate within minutes of your request in most cases, and will follow up with a firm quote, backed with the capacity to move the shipment, very soon after. Once we accept your shipment – we NEVER tender it back. We will move it, no matter what.

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